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The Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world! September through January the country is adorned with Christmas decorations and holiday tunes echoing in the air - added to the heartwarming hospitality of filipinos, it’s truly special! Amidst the dazzling decor, you’ll see nativity scenes ‘Belén’ of all sizes as well as unique colorful bethlehem star and bloom shaped ‘Parol’ lanterns - an iconic symbol of the Filipino Christmas. The nostalgia for Christmas in the Philippines inspired the creation of this ornament ‘Belen at Parol’ straight out of my studio. 


Cut out of wood grain and stained glass inspired acrylics, it’s a silhouette of the nativity, layered against a back drop of parols, delivering a nuance of Filipino Christmas to your homes - Maligayang Pasko (Merry Christmas!)

Filipino Christmas Ornament - 4 color variations

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 2 layer acrylic cut. 4 inch diameter. 

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