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QR Code Frames

Need a visible sign for your QR codes so that your clients can easily scan-to-pay, leave a review or connect to your social media? Contact me to design and create it for you! Available in any shape or color acrylic to match your logo, with tiny QR code markings precisely engraved by laser.  Check out these cute layered, customized QR code signs, cut from and engraved on acrylic. QR codes can be engraved on wood too!

Size range from 9x9 inch up to 11x11 inch. Price varies from $30-50 depending on design, size and type of acrylic.

Fill out the form below to get an estimate or to inquire about design options. 

Interested in a QR Frame?

Simply provide us with:

1) Your business name and info (social media page or website to give us an idea of your logo/colors.)

2) Number of QR codes that you might want on your frame/type of icons (payment, reviews, social media etc.)

And any other information that might be useful for us to draft a customized design for you. 

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